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Transparency and Trust

Pricing and Payment

At Fitch Ranch, we believe in full transparency when it comes to pricing. Our processing fees for different types of game like elk, deer, bear, mountain lion, and antelope are clearly laid out. All fees must be paid in full at the time of drop-off for animals that are to be shipped. We also require a credit card or FedEx Account number to cover shipping fees, which are the responsibility of the recipient.

Elk: $425.00
Deer: $250.00
Bear: $200.00
Antelope: $200.00
Mountain Lion: $200.00

Specialty Services
and Add-Ons

We offer a range of specialty items, from smoked to fresh product add-ons. For those seeking customization, orders over 50lbs will exclusively feature the meats you bring in. Furthermore, we collaborate with local taxidermists and offer services like complete capeouts, hide freezing, and horn cutting. Whether you’re preserving a trophy or preparing for a feast, we provide a plethora of options to meet your specific needs.

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Trophy Prices

Save Hide & Freeze: $35.00
Cut Horns: $15.00
Complete Capeout: $100.00
Save Cape: $50.00


European Mounts

Deer: $250.00
Antelope: $200.00
Elk: $425.00
Mountain Lion: $200.00
Bear: $200.00


Your Game, Safely Delivered

Shipping, Packaging, and Handling

We take great care to ensure that your processed game reaches you in excellent condition. All our packaging is vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness. Do note that the sealing film becomes brittle when frozen, so handle with care to maintain the seal. While we are not responsible for shipping delays or damage, you may choose your preferred shipping company. Additionally, we offer various shipping materials such as heavy shipping boxes and insulated freezer boxes to suit your needs.

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